Fundraising at Whirlwinds Academy

At Whirlwinds it is so important that we have up to date equipment to provide the safest experience for our bouncers. Like every sport this comes at a cost and we have to continually fundraise to ensure not only are the bouncers safe but they can develop with the correct equipment.
Please help us in our ongoing quest to provide the best possible experience for the club.
Below is a breakdown of our latest goals – Please help us achieve them.

Latest Target


% Raised

New stinger mat and replacement foam. Cost £1023.00
Matting and replacement foam for stinger mats, used to reduce the impact on ankles, Knees and joints when landing from height from a DMT, Vault or Tumble. With this matting we can compliment the 3 DMT’s used at our centre of excellence at Taunton and Bridgwater college. (Pic Attached)
New Inflatable Pit. Costs £5597.40
Used to try out complex skills from either a trampoline or DMT. The Pit reduces the risk and possible injury when trying out new skills. The Pit absorbs impact and enables the performer to land safely. The pit will be used at our centre of excellence at Taunton and Bridgwater College but will be available for use by all Acadamy members. Take a look…
Push in mats x 2. Cost £288.00
Used to push in under a new skill on a trampoline or DMT. Safety matting to replace our ageing mats at Wellsprings Leisure Centre.
Velcro tape measure Cost £100
Used to run along runway to measure run ups.

We have currently raised

£500 from a sale of a second hand trampoline.

£268.84 from

£500 grant from South West Amateur Gymnastics Association
£2,400 from holding a friendly trampoline and DMT competition

Why are we fundraising?

  • Inflatable Pit 80% 80%
  • Stinger Mat 14% 14%
  • Push in mats 4% 4%
  • Velcro Straps 1% 1%