Whirlwinds Trampoline & DMT

At Whirlwinds there is a structure around bouncers skill levels and abilities from the Recreational side to the Academy. Below is an understanding of each level and how the club looks to progress bouncers through.

Recreational “Rec” bouncing

This is where the Whirlwinds experience starts. Rec bouncing enables the bouncers to learn the basics and work through the levels to earn their badges. You can go up to badge ?? however to be honest you generally get to badge 10 before you are considered proficient enough for the coaches to consider you to join the academy sessions.


NDP Level

Joining the Whirlwinds Academy is about developing your trampoline or DMT skills further in a more competitive environment. However, it’s important to remember
you can still have fun and compete at the same time.
When you are invited to join the Academy, you are then able to purchase club kit and also enter trampoline competitions under the British Gymnastics Association. Long or sleeveless leotards are required for competitions as well as the club branded t shirt. You also have the options of tracksuits etc
At the academy level you progress through the National Development Plan “NDP” levels. These go from level 1 to 7. With the NDP as well as developing through the levels you are effectively aiming to compete for a place in the South West team.
There are 3 competitions generally in October, January and February where you can qualify for the March finals. In the March finals if you finish in the top 2 of your age/level/gender you make the South West team (providing you have reached the minimum execution score and Range & conditioning pas mark achieved on the day).
If you reach the South West team you have 2 training sessions and then the regional Team Final held in June at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham. You compete against other Regional teams for trampolining and DMT.
If you finish in the top 8 at this competition you then go back to representing your club in the NDP Finals.

National Level

From the NDP level you develop towards the club national squad where there are various competitions for both tramp and DMT.
League –  The league is not run by British Gymnastics, it is an independent event. Here Level 5+ NDP bouncers compete against each other. There are 3 levels (1,2 and 3) and as per the NDP the bouncers compete in specific age levels again.
The league consists of 4 competitions where a competitor will get points to qualify for the national finals. These competitions are held throughout the UK so you have to be prepared to travel a bit.
The finals in 2017 were held at the Olympic Village in London.
This then determines the national league champion on DMT and tramp.

Elite Level

From the Nationals you then have the opportunity to join the elite bouncers.
The elite bouncers compete in the Spring series competitions which involves 2 competitions from which they can qualify for the British Championships. This is where NDP8 and Elite categories compete however the Level 8 only qualify for the National Final mentioned above and not the British.
From the British Championships they can qualify for World Age Group.
There is also the English Series where there are 2 qualifying competitions to qualify to English Championships. These are at Silver and Gold level.
Every 2 years the “David Ward Hunt Cup” takes place in England but is an international competition.
There may be the opportunity for other international competitions such as the Loule Cup in France.